Towing Services for Vehicles
in Dunbar, WV

Professional Towing Services from WV Auto Care in Dunbar, WV

When drivers in Kanawha County, WV, experience a car accident or are stuck at the side of the road because of a breakdown, they want fast and reliable towing service. WV Auto Care offers rollback and wheel lift towing. We understand the type of tow truck we use does not matter, you just want to get your car to our shop for repair as soon as possible. Before arriving on the scene, we will consider the situation and determine what type of towing is best to transport your vehicle back to WV Auto Care in Dunbar, WV.

For reliable towing services in Charleston, South Charleston, Nitro, and other towns in Kanawha County, WV, contact WV Auto Care today at (304) 766-0601 or (304) 553-3338.

Rollback Towing for When Your Vehicle is Completely Disabled

Rollback towing is comparable to flatbed towing. These types of tow trucks have a flatbed powered by a hydraulic system and winch that allows it to move. With a rollback flatbed, it is possible to drive or pull a car on to the tow truck bed. This is often a great method to transport a vehicle that was involved in a major accident or completely disabled. By transporting a vehicle on the flatbed, we can prevent further damage. Call WV Auto Care today for rollback towing service.

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Wheel Lift Towing After a Minor Accident or Breakdown

Wheel lift tow trucks from WV Auto Care have hydraulic booms with crossbars placed at the end. The front or rear wheels of the damaged or disabled vehicle are placed on the cross bars and lifted so the remaining two wheels stay on the road. Wheel lift towing is a great option for minor fender benders or car breakdowns. Contact WV Auto Care today for wheel lift towing services.